Google Launches WebLite browser

Already operational in countries such as Indonesia, India and Brazil, Google's WebLite browser is designed for low Random Access Memory Devices, such as the smart phones used across much of Kenya. The browser transcodes search pages into lighter versions which are easier to load and require less data. Typically, WebLite optimised pages load three times faster and use 80 percent less data than standard web pages. This has seen traffic to web pages increase by up to 40 percent. Increased web traffic has the potential to significantly affect businesses operating in the country, whilst reduced data usage will promote further mobile browsing.

21,000 hotel rooms by 2021

A report by PwC estimates that Kenya's hotel sector will see a 2.5 percent annual compound increase in hotel rooms with a 21,000 capacity by 2021. A number of international hoteliers such as Sheraton, Ramada, Hilton and Marriott are currently expanding or setting up in the country as they seek to capitalise on Kenya's increased tourism. The increase in tourism can be attributed to a reduction in park fees and an increase in international flights, which is expected to result in 4.4 million guest nights by 2021. This represents a 4.1 percent compound annual increase from 2016 and a 7.5 percent annual growth in hotel revenue.

Calvin Klein invests in Kenya

Calvin Klein has signed production agreements with a number of Kenyan manufacturers to produce Calvin Klein underwear, primarily for export to the USA under the African Growth and Opportunity Act. This agreement further raises the profile of Kenya's textiles industry which currently produces products for companies such as H&M, Cherokee and Izod. Ethiopia and Kenya have emerged as favourites for international clothing brands as they seek to diversify their manufacturing base away from Asian nations (particularly Bangladesh).