You’ve had the party that broke all the rules.

You planned it without consulting anyone (and without reading this article). The social media intern was instructed to document the whole thing … in real time. You required employees to bring their families and hosted it on a Friday night when some members of your company couldn’t attend for religious reasons. Lucky for them, because they don’t show up in the Facebook photos of company staff arriving at a local strip club. (This led to some last-minute issues as parents tried to figure out what to do with their children who were not allowed into the establishment.)

Your company’s Twitter feed features photos of employees dancing – that is, pole dancing –  in various states of undress. On YouTube, a senior manager is smoking a rather suspicious-looking pipe while an employee berates him for what a horrible boss he is.

You wake up the next day with a wicked headache and about a million new followers on your company Twitter account. Your answering machine is full – you are being threatened with a number of lawsuits. Who are you going to call? This isn’t a job for Ghostbusters. You need a lawyer. But a more prudent course would have been to consult with one before your plans for an innocent holiday get together careened out of control.

To keep your holiday celebrations from becoming the Nightmare before Christmas, consider these points:

1. Party Planning

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2. Alcohol

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3. Gifts

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4. Etiquette

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5. Social Media

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