The latest edition of the UAE Trade Marks Gazette was published on 1 May 2014 and we have made a copy of this Gazette available online. Click here to access the Gazette.

In order to oppose an application published in this Gazette immediate action may be required in order to meet the non-extendable opposition deadline of 30 May 2014.

This is because, where there is no Power of Attorney already in place, it will be necessary to prepare, execute and submit a fully legalised Power of Attorney together with the opposition on or before the 30 May deadline.

It can take at least three weeks for a Power of Attorney to be legalised by the UAE Embassy in the country where is it executed. Also, upon receipt of the original legalised Power of Attorney by us in the UAE, it requires re-authentication before it will be accepted by the Trade Marks Office.

Accordingly, if you identify any trade marks published in this issue of the Trade Marks Gazette which you or your clients wish to oppose, then please let us know as soon as possible. We will then, if necessary, prepare a suitable a Power of Attorney immediately with a view to meeting the 30 May deadline.


We are providing you with this information because, due to a change in the UAE Trade Marks Office's procedures effective as from 1 May 2014, a fully legalised Power of Attorney must be submitted at the time of filing any trade mark opposition.

Our update on this change of practice is available here.

Checking the Gazette

Due to time constraints, the link provided is the original Arabic language Gazette without an English language translation. This Gazette is in the form of a Adobe pdf file and it is possible to carry out key word searches in order identify potentially conflicting trade mark applications.

Please note that due to the size of the Adobe pdf file, it may take a few minutes for the Gazette to load. However, once loaded, it should be possible to review and search the Gazette.