Following the enactment of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, the Audit Commission has announced plans to abolish CPA from April 2009, replacing it with a new system called Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA). The Act sets out the new local performance framework within which the development of CAA is one key element. The hope is that the new system will also reduce the burden of inspection.

The new system will involve two types of assessment: (1) the area assessment, a qualitative assessment of how well public services are addressing issues; and (2) the organisational assessment which provides a score for performance management and use of resources.

The Audit Commission has said that: “CAA will provide assurance about how well-run local public services are and how effectively they use taxpayers’ money. But it also aims to be more relevant to local people by focusing on issues that are important to their community.”

The first results under CAA are expected in autumn 2009.