The government has published a Strategic Plan for Level 3 Building Information Modelling (BIM), otherwise known as "Digital Built Britain". The plan follows up on the 2011 Government Construction Strategy, which mandated the use of Level 2 BIM on all public sector projects by 2016, thus significantly contributing to savings of £804m in construction costs in 2013/14.

Key measures to be introduced by Digital Built Britain include:

  • the creation of a set of new, international ‘Open Data’ standards which would pave the way for easy sharing of data across the entire market
  • the establishment of a new contractual framework for projects which have been procured with BIM
  • the creation of a co-operative cultural environment
  • training the public sector client in the use of BIM techniques such as data requirements, operational methods and contractual processes

Data developed through the delivery, operational and performance phases of a portfolio, programme or project will be selectively published through and other secure gateways as Open Data for further market use.