The saga over high-powered magnets continues. The CPSC has filed another lawsuit against Zen Magnets, which has refused to recall its high-powered magnets. The new suit names not only Zen, but its founder as well in his personal capacity. The suit alleges that the company illegally resold the inventory of a competitor that was negotiating a recall with the CPSC. In a recent blog post, Former Commissioner Nancy Nord stated, “This latest action seems to smack of a vendetta against the one company that did not give in to the agency’s demands, especially since the issue of whether Zen’s magnets should be recalled is well into the latter stages of litigation and, presumably, will be resolved soon.… I wonder whether this latest action, rather than making the government appear strong, makes it appear vindictive and petty, given the force the federal government can bring against a tiny company that dares to challenge it.”

The CPSC Recall Snapshot is a useful tool in keeping up-to-date on the activities of the CPSC.