What? The IPO (Intellectual Property Office) has issued a call for evidence on the UK and EU system for protecting designs.

So What? The IPO hopes that the responses gained, coupled with an online survey of businesses and designers will form the basis of proposals to develop the UK’s design system.

When? A formal consultation on the UK design system is due to take place by the summer of 2012. Submissions to the IPO can be made until 11 November 2011.

The Hargreaves review recommended that the IPO conduct an evidence-based assessment of the relationship between design rights and innovation with a view to establishing a firmer basis for evaluating policy at the UK and European level.  The IPO notes that the success of UK designers is often not underpinned by formal protection of designs by design registration and asks what the current IP framework is doing, or not doing, for designers and what changes to this framework might be needed.

Guide to privacy and electronic communications published

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has published a comprehensive guide to privacy and electronic communications.  The guide looks at:

  • the rules on direct marketing including automated calls, telephone marketing, email and viral marketing;
  • the measures a public electronic communications provider should take to protect the security of its services, including the notification of any personal data breach to the ICO;
  • the ICO’s new audit powers; and
  • the changes to the rules on cookies.

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