​An encouraging news update comes from Croatia, as some of the recent reports claim that the Croatian IT market reached a value of EUR 950 million in 2015. According to IDC Adriatic – a regional branch of the global market intelligence provider – this shows an increase of 10.8% when compared to the previous year.

IDC Adriatic added that a continuation of the IT market's recovery is expected in 2016 as well. More precisely, further strengthening of the market at an average annual rate of 6.5% based on the delivery of hardware components, IT services and software is expected in the mid-term, on the way to achieving a value of EUR 1.29 billion in 2020.

News reports have further shown IDC's Regional Director for South East Europe, Ana Pope, claim that the growth in consumption on the Croatian IT market can be mostly be attributed to the increase in smartphones sales and the jump in value that the server market has gone through – a consequence of the Bura supercomputer introduction in Rijeka, and to a lesser extent, the growth noticed in the production and delivery of IT services and software applications.

If we were to employ a more number crunching perspective on the issue, and look at the specific parts that constitute the overall IT market in Croatia, IDC's figures show that the leading part of the IT market belongs to private IT services which make up for 31%, followed by 18% that belongs to personal computers, and the 17% of the IT market which is attributed to the smartphone sphere. Within the IT services part of the market, the companies holding leadership positions are "Combis" and "Microsoft", while "HP" has been noted as having the foremost presence in the Croatian personal computers market.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the region continues to develop in this regard.