I had a great time at the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas last week. It's always good to hear what's happening from legal marketers, in house counsel and the other tech vendors.

I had the privilege to speak on the second day of the conference about building trust and loyalty with legal content. Of course this was a thought leadership piece looking at what's happening inside legal and the external factors affecting it.

Being from the vendor community I tried my hardest to not drop too many hints about our services and this post is what I really wanted to talk about: What can HighQ do for you, and by that I mean how can we help solve some of your challenges and make your​ life easier?

During my talk I referred to the HighQ funnel. This was a diagram outlining the four key areas of content experience. There are more but these are the ones that count. The four key area are:

  • Discovery
  • Win new business
  • Maintain and manage
  • Expand and grow


Blogging networks are a great way to demonstrate experience and expertise. However, blogs are just one content medium. Outside of legal, corporations are creating content hubs which provide access to a multitude of content types and experiences. Michael Brenner compiles some of the best in his list of 99 amazing content hubs.

Content hubs are an aggregation of content whether that be your latest current awareness blog on aerospace litigation, your podcast on pensions, or your latest Brexit seminar. These are design led, visually appealing thought leadership platforms which complement your firm's website rather than replace it and can create a real competitive advantage with your content.

Obviously the main point of this stage of the content experience is to allow people to discover your content and your expert lawyers through SEO optimised content with conversion landing pages and forms. But what happens next?

Win new business

Within the same content hub you can create a personalised pitch portal to help win new business. You can create tailored, permissioned co-branded experiences focused on the prospect you are trying to win. Combine the content that your drew your prospects in with dedicated pitch content answering the questions you were asked rather than just boiler plate content.

The old way of creating a 75 page pitch book and printing 10 copies and having them shipped to your physical pitch location is no longer the best way to present your firm. A dynamic range of content focused on your client and their needs whilst also demonstrating your expertise and experience is essential with the ability to review and see what parts of the content are important to the prospect. Importantly you are starting your clients on their digital journey with your firm.

Maintain and manage

Once you have won your new client you now have the privilege of ensuring that you become their number one go to law firm for advice. How do you do this?

Converting the dedicated pitch portal into a fully operational​ client portal is done in a few minutes. Repurposing the same portal for the work ahead provides you the ability to remind the client why they chose you for the work and also build upon the client experience. They will automatically get access to more valuable thought leadership and products and services.

Harmonising the experience between your client portal and the detailed system that will manage the ongoing matters is vital. A single experience which combines the day to day ongoing work with thought leadership and current awareness is the key to simplifying your clients' engagements with your firm.

Expand and grow

So how can you start to increase loyalty and trust within your existing clients through content experiences? Loyalty is a very difficult thing to maintain in this hyper competitive market so you’ll have to come up with a variety of tactics and strategies to create competitive advantage. Understanding which of your clients should be targeted is key. Knowing if a client has been downloading and viewing services that relate to a practice area that you don’t currently supply advice for or whether you’ve not received a new instruction in six months are key data points which should be triggers.

Many firms deploy key account programmes or become part of alliance or best friend partnerships with the aim of increasing reach and ultimately revenue. Underpinning these types of strategies with a clear content strategy and a digital content experience is key. Expanding your personalised client portal to include dedicated content for a specific client is one way firms are standing out. Adding this sort of value is a burden on time and resource but ultimately the rewards far outweigh the effort.

In summary

At every stage of your client lifecycle, content and content experiences are a very important part of your client journey. A great content experience can win, retain, fix and expand your relationships, boost engagement and build loyalty. Ultimately, content in context is king.