Downing Street insists Theresa May will not quit until after Brexit

  • Downing Street has insisted Theresa May will not quit as prime minister until Britain leaves the EU, as she shrugged off growing calls for her to step down.
  • Amid pressure from her own MPs to set a firm departure date, Mrs May’s spokesman said she did not plan to leave until the House of Commons has approved her withdrawal agreement with Brussels, which MPs have already rejected on three occasions.
  • The FT

Regulator urges post-Brexit deal for City of London

  • The bookies’ favourite to be the next Bank of England governor has a stark message for the government and its efforts to strike a compromise Brexit deal: any agreement with Labour on a customs union will do nothing for the UK’s all-important financial services industry.
  • “An agreement on a customs union would tie down the goods model, but it wouldn’t tie down the services model,” Andrew Bailey, chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, told the Financial Times.
  • The intervention by the UK’s chief regulator on financial conduct comes as the Conservatives and Labour struggle to finalise a compromise Brexit deal that could win the support of parliament. A significant part of the talks has been focused on Labour’s proposal for a permanent customs union between the UK and the EU covering trade in goods.
  • The FT

UK and Ireland agree to maintain common travel area after Brexit

  • The UK and Ireland have signed a deal to maintain their citizens’ rights to travel freely between the two countries after the UK leaves the EU, in an initiative that some Brexiters said had wider significance for future relations with the bloc.
  • The agreement includes a memorandum of understanding between London and Dublin guaranteeing reciprocal rights to social security, health services and education in Ireland and the UK after Brexit. It also confirms the rights of the two countries’ citizens’ to work and vote in local and national parliamentary elections in each other’s jurisdiction.
  • The FT