On 23 November 2012 Ofgem issued a consultation letter on the Joint Regulators Group (JRG) work considering possible impacts of regulatory frameworks on opportunities to coordinate infrastructure work across sectors. Please click here for the consultation.

Chapter 4 of the National Infrastructure Plan issued in 2011 recognised that infrastructure in the UK is a network of networks. The 2011 Plan acknowledged that interdependencies between infrastructure networks do not only present co-ordination challenges and risks to resilience, but that they can also present opportunities for improving the performance or reducing the costs of infrastructure networks in construction and operation. The 2011 Plan encouraged regulators of infrastructure sectors to consider the regulatory framework in each of their relevant sectors to ensure that regulatory frameworks do not discourage shared works or facilities and even revenue sharing.  

This recent Ofgem consultation is intended to help it scope the coordination work that is needed in the energy sector by identifying possible issues to be considered further in the first half of 2013.  

Responses to the consultation have been requested by 15 January 2013.  

The Joint Regulators Group  

The Joint Regulators Group (JRG) is an association of the UK's economic and competition regulators. It brings together senior members from the various regulators, including the Office of Rail Regulation, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, the Office of Water Services, the Office of Fair Trading, the Office of Communications, the Civil Aviation Authority, Tenant Services Authority and Monitor.

The JRG currently meets four times a year to discuss issues of mutual concern, exchange experiences and good practice, and to report on recent developments in particular sectors.