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Matthew F. Ferraro is featured as a guest on the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security’s “National Security Law Today” podcast in which he discusses disinformation, deepfakes and national security.

The interview delves into how recent advances in deepfake technology have made it harder to distinguish between real and fabricated content, posing substantial threats to public figures, organizations and our national security. Host Elisa Poteat is joined by Ferraro to discuss the threat of synthetic media and how this technology amplifies the spread of disinformation. Ferraro also discusses what potential this technology has to alter public perception during election cycles, if there are laws in place to address these threats, and how we can combat the malicious use of this technology while also upholding our First Amendment rights.

During the podcast, Ferraro discussed the emerging field of “disinformation and deepfakes risk management.” Ferraro and WilmerHale colleagues elaborated on this concept in a recent publication, “WilmerHale on Disinformation and Deepfakes Risk Management,” which summarizes the risks that fake viral narratives and synthetic media pose to business, the issues at stake, and how businesses can prepare and respond, including how they can leverage deepfakes for positive uses.