The European Commission concluded its first annual review of the EU-US Privacy Shield program and determined that the program remains to be an adequate safeguard in the protection of personal information that is transferred from Europe to the US. The Privacy Shield framework was designed to ensure that companies transferring personal information between these two continents complied with data protection regulations on both sides of the Atlantic. The Privacy Shield Program replaced the Safe Harbour Program.

The Privacy Shield program was deemed to be an ‘adequate’ safeguard by the EU in 2016, on the condition that the program is subject to an annual review. During its first review, while acknowledging that the program is sufficient, the EU Commission outlined several areas where it believed the program could be improved. These include continuous compliance observation by the Department of Commerce, reinforcing the privacy protections contained in a portion of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and raising further awareness to US and EU citizens of their privacy rights.

The full report can be found here