The Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement)(Amendment) Bill 2016 has been proposed by Fine Gael Deputy Noel Rock as a Private Member's Bill and proposes to address how the Central Bank introduce new rules. The explanatory note to this Bill states that the practical effect of the Central Bank regulations on mortgage lending has been "disproportionate towards certain potential homeowners in society" and that it excludes "an overly large number of potential homeowners from the housing market". The proposed Bill amends certain sections of the Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Act 2013 in order to ensure that there will be more engagement with the Minister for Finance and the Joint Oireachtas Committees in future. The new sections would allow the Minister to respond with his views or offer amendments on draft proposed Central Bank regulations "to ensure they are fit for purpose, and are responsive to the current economic environment". The Governor may not proceed with draft regulations before these reviews are considered and responded to in detail. The proposed Bill also requires that the Joint Committees be consulted in certain circumstances.