Details from Each Chamber  


The House worked through the Calendar this week, giving third readings to many noncontroversial bills. On Wednesday, the House adjourned debate on all bills on their calendar until they reached H. 3945 - Ethics Reform - to address its mounting amendments. Debate continued for several hours Thursday, and the bill was eventually returned to the Senate with amendments.

The Speaker informed the House they will work long hours Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and devote much of the final week to goodbye speeches.

The House will reconvene Tuesday at noon. 

The following bills of interest passed the House this week:


The Senate worked steadily through the Calendar this week and received a number of Statewide Appointments from the Governor. Tuesday, upon the motion of Senator Peeler, H. 4223, SC Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, was set for Special Order.

Wednesday, numerous bills were reported out of committee and placed on the Calendar. The House concurred with H. 3893, Statewide Education Standards.

On Thursday, several Statewide Appointments were received from the Governor and referred to committees. The Ethics Reform bill was returned from the House with Senate amendments amended and Senator Martin stated that he will ask the body to non-concur with the House amendments when the Senate convenes next week.

The Senate will reconvene Tuesday at noon. 

The following bills of interest passed the Senate this week:

  • H. 4871 Charter Schools
  • H. 4922 Hiring Preferences for Veterans
  • H. 3134 Satisfaction of Mortgages
  • H. 4916 Notice requirements for long term care insurance