Okay, so despite our previous post saying the opposite, employers likely will not have to distribute New York State Wage Theft Act Annual Pay Notices after all.  We had good reason to report it the other way a couple of weeks ago as the Governor still had not signed the bill repealing this requirement and even if he did so, it wouldn’t have taken effect for 60 days – well after this January’s notice distribution requirement.

But we just learned, courtesy of Bond, Schoeneck & King’s John Bagyi, Esq., that the legislature just sent the bill to the Governor who is expected to sign it.  At the same time, apparently the legislature and the Governor have agreed to amend the bill in early 2015 to make the repeal effective immediately so that employers will be relieved of the need to distribute the notices. This is welcome news for employers (even those who have already taken steps to prepare their notices and are probably rightfully frustrated).