The EU has amended Council Regulation (EU) No. 36/2012, which imposes financial sanctions against Syria, so that an asset freeze now applies to a further three individuals and nine entities. The individuals are Hashim Anwar Al-Aqqad, Amr Armanazi and Suhayl Hasan. The entities are Army Supply Bureau, El Jazireh, Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology, Industrial Establishment of Defence, National Standards & Calibration Laboratory, Oceans Petroleum Trading, the Baniyas Refinery Company, the Homs Refinery Company and Tri Oceans Trading.

Separately, in two different judgments, the EGC has annulled the designation of two individuals in respect of the EU’s restrictive measures relating to Syria. The individuals, Mazen Al-Tabbaa and Samir Hassan, had their listings annulled on the grounds that the European Council had not provided sufficient evidence to the EGC to support its reasons for including them on the list of designated persons.

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 793/2014

Mazen Al-Tabbaa v Council (Joint Cases T-329/12 and T-74/13)

Samir Hassan v Council (Case T-572/11) (French)

Council Regulation (EU) No. 36/2012