MyTravel has lost its damages claim against the EC for wrongly blocking its merger with First Choice in 1999. MyTravel was called Airtours at the time of the EC’s controversial decision. The prohibition was annulled by the CFI in 2002. MyTravel then sued the EC claiming damages of £517 million allegedly caused by the EC’s decision to block the acquisition. In September 2008, the CFI dismissed MyTravel’s action. The Court ruled that, although the EC was wrong to block the merger, it had not manifestly and gravely infringed EU law and, therefore, was not liable for damages. However, the CFI left open the possibility that the EC can be sued for damages for its merger control decisions. The Court ruled last year that the French industrial group Schneider was entitled to a partial compensation of the losses incurred after the EC wrongly prohibited Schneider’s acquisition of its competitor Legrand.