On 13 April 2011, the owners of well-known household washing powder brands (including ‘Ariel’ and ‘Persil’) were collectively fined €315.2m for operating a price-fixing cartel. The cartel covered Belgium, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and The Netherlands and operated between January 2002 and early 2005. The arrangement was designed to stabilise market positions and coordinate prices and arose during discussions on environmental measures the companies might undertake. Henkel, itself a participant, blew the whistle on the cartel in 2008, prompting the Commission to carry out inspections in June of that year. In exchange, Henkel has received full immunity from the fines. Other participants were heavily fined. Proctor & Gamble was fined €211.2m after receiving a 50 per cent discount in recognition of its co-operation in the investigation. Unilever was fined €104m having received a 25 per cent reduction for. Both companies participated in the Commission’s new settlement procedure and received 10 per cent reduction in fine for acknowledgement of liability, leading to a swifter conclusion of the investigation.