The Decree-Law nr. 62/2013 of 7th of June, that transposes the European Directive nr.2011/7/CE, establishes new rules for the commercial transactions’ matters, MEANING, operations made between companies (in which it is included the liberal professionals) or between other public companies and entities.

This legal text, however, does not include the payments for indemnifications for civil liability, neither the interests regarding payments with checks or bank drafts. Moreover, this Decree-Law is not applicable to contracts entered into before its entering in force. Therefore, regarding the contracts between companies, it is determined that the deadline for the payment must not exceed 60 days, except otherwise agreed and provided that does not constitute manifest abuse towards the creditor.

On the other hand, the mentioned legal text forbids the clauses or the commercial practices over the net due date or the payment deadline, the interest rate or the compensation for the recovery costs that are considered manifestly abusive for the creditor, namely when there is no objective reason not to respect the legal interest rate or the payments deadline provided in the legal text.