On Friday January 23, Minister George Smitherman and the Ontario Power Authority ("OPA") announced the successful bids for the OPA’s Renewable Energy Supply Program III ("RES III"). In total, six 20-year Power Purchase contracts have been awarded that will generate 492.1 MWs of new renewable wind supply.

The following projects were selected:

1. Kruger Energy Chatham Wind Project, Kruger Energy, 101.2 MW Municipality of Chatham-Kent (Tomney, Raleigh and Tilbury East)

2. Greenwich Windfarm, Renewable Energy Systems Canada, 99 MW District of Thunder Bay near Township of Dorion

3. Talbot Windfarm, Renewable Energy Systems Canada, 99 MW Municipality of Chatham-Kent (Oxford and Howard)

4. Raleigh Wind Energy Centre, Raleigh Wind Power Partnership (Invenergy), 78 MW Municipality of Chatham-Kent (Raleigh and Tilbury East)

5. Byran Wind Project, SkyPower Corp., 64.5 MW Prince Edward County

6. Gosfield Wind Project, Gosfield Wind Limited Partnership (Brookfield), 50.4 MW Township of Kingsville, Essex County

The total anticipated investment associated with these projects is $1.32 billion and is estimated to create 2,200 direct and indirect jobs in Ontario. In addition, the projects will, when combined, increase host municipal tax revenues by $1 million. Annual combined lease payments to landowners hosting the renewable wind projects will total $3 million. The projects are expected to be in service by 2012.