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Air carrier operations

Operating authorisation

What procedural and documentary requirements must air carriers meet in order to operate in your jurisdiction?

Aircraft can be registered in the Cayman Islands only if they are for private use (not for hire or reward). The exception is that commercial use aircraft may be registered where they are to be operated in a jurisdiction with which the Cayman Islands has an agreement under Article 83bis of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago 1944), to which the United Kingdom (representing the Cayman Islands) is party or under a Cayman air operator’s certificate. Under Article 83bis agreements, certain functions and duties normally carried out by a state registry are transferred to an operator’s state. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands retains airworthiness oversight. This is an attractive position for lessors and owners as they receive the asset on return with a complete maintenance history, in English, to a high standard. The Cayman Islands currently has an Article 83bis agreement with Saudi Arabia.

Ownership and control

Do any nationality or other requirements or restrictions apply to ownership or control of air carriers operating in your jurisdiction?


Financial requirements

What financial thresholds must air carriers meet to obtain operating authorisation?


Insurance coverage

What is the required level of insurance coverage for air carrier operations?


Safety requirements

What safety requirements apply to air carrier operations, including with regard to professional and technical certifications?

The relevant European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approvals and Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTARs) under the UK Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013 apply.

Environmental obligations

What environmental obligations apply to air carrier operations?

The relevant EASA approvals and OTARs under the UK Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order apply.

Air traffic control

How are air traffic control services regulated in your jurisdiction?

The relevant OTARs under the UK Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order apply.


Do any licensing requirements apply to specific routes?


Are any public service obligations in place with respect to remote destinations?


Charter services

Do any special provisions apply to charter services?

No – these are not permitted unless the aircraft operator holds a Cayman air operator’s certificate or the aircraft falls under the scope of an Article 83bis agreement.


What taxes apply to the provision of air carrier services?


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