On Monday, December 5, the Creating Financial Prosperity for Businesses and Investors Act, H.R. 6427, was passed by the House by a vote of 391-2. This legislation combines six measures that have been previously passed by the House, this includes H.R. 4168, the Small Business Capital Formation Act. H.R. 4168 has also been included in the Financial Creating Hope and Opportunity for Investors, Consumers and Entrepreneurs Act or CHOICE Act, as we previously reported. In addition, H.R. 6427 includes H.R. 3784, the SEC Small Business Advocate Act, and H.R. 2187, the Fair Investment Opportunities for Professional Experts Act, which both passed in the House in February 2016. It also includes H.R. 5322, the U.S. Territories Investor Protection Act, H.R. 4855, the Fix Crowdfunding Act, and H.R. 4854, the Supporting America’s Innovators Act, which were all passed in the House in July 2016. Chairman of the Financial Services Committee Jeb Hensarling noted that “[t]he Creating Financial Prosperity for Businesses and Investors Act can make a positive difference in people’s lives and help build a healthier economy with more opportunities for all.”