The Statewide Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) held a meeting on February 7, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. The following is a summary of the proceedings.

  1. Public Hearings for Rules
  1. 410-2-2-.08 Influenza: The SHCC voted to approve a rule recommending the influenza vaccination for all school-age children.
  2. 410-2-3-.01 Hospice Services: The SHCC voted to approve a rule extending the moratorium on the issuance of certificates of need (CON) for in-home hospice services to allow the State Health Planning & Development Agency (SHPDA) to evaluate data relating to the need for services throughout Alabama.
  1. State Health Plan Adjustment Applications
  1.  Con sidera tion  of  Chil ton  County  He al thca re A uthority’s State  He al th P lan  Adjustme n t  Application seeking to adjust Section 410-2-4-.02 of the Alabama State Health Plan to add 21 acute care beds in Chilton County inventory: The SHCC unanimously voted to approve Chilton County Healthcare Authority’s adjustment application to add 21 acute care beds in Chilton County in light of recent events leaving the county without an acute care hospital. The adjustment application was unopposed.
  2.  Con sidera tion of Strate gi c Beha vi oral He al th’s State He al th P lan  Adjustmen t  Appl i cati on  seeking to adjust Section 410-2-4-.10 of the Alabama State Health Plan to add 72 inpatient psychiatric beds to be located in Mobile County, Alabama: The SHCC unanimously voted to reject Strategic Behavioral Health’s adjustment to add inpatient psychiatric beds in Mobile, Alabama. Strategic Behavioral Health sought to adjust the State Health Plan to add inpatient psychiatric care beds and then intended to seek CON approval to operate the beds as a freestanding psychiatric hospital in Mobile. The adjustment was opposed by AltaPoint Health Systems, Inc., Grove Hill Memorial Hospital, and Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health Center.
  1. Proposed Moratorium

A resolution was introduced to the SHCC that would place a moratorium on all future consideration of State Health Plan adjustment applications seeking additional inpatient psychiatric beds until March 2015 so that the SHCC can reevaluate the inpatient psychiatric bed need methodology. The SHCC voted to approve the proposed resolution.