Short selling regulation

In its report Regulation of Short Selling, IOSCO has set out high level principles for the effective regulation of short selling. It recommends increased controls, a reporting regime and an effective compliance and enforcement system. It recommends appropriate exceptions for certain types of transactions.

Report on hedge funds

In March 2009, IOSCO held a consultation on the need for regulation and supervision of hedge funds. In its final report Hedge Funds Oversight it made a number of recommendations, such as mandatory registration for hedge funds and hedge fund managers and rules regarding conflicts of interest and improve disclosure to investors.

Other publications

  • Report on the Development and Distribution of Foreign Collective Investment Schemes in Emerging Markets (report)
  • Protection of Minority Shareholders in Listed Issuers (report)
  • Good practices in Relation to Investment Managers’ Due Diligence when Investing in Structured Finance Instruments (report).