Last week, the Dutch Gaming Authority (“KSA”) published its 2104 annual report. The report provides some facts and figures with respect to 2014, as well as a forecast for the following years.  A short overview:

  • In 2014, KSA conducted 22 investigations into illegal online gambling and 19 investigations into illegal offering of online gambling (e.g. advertising).
  • In 2014, KSA closed the activities of several illegal operators, both local and international ones.
  • The estimated result of legal operators (including gaming machines) in 2013 was EUR 2.2 billion (of which EUR 480 mio. taxes and EUR 495 mio. paid out to charity);
  • The estimated turnover of illegal operators in the Dutch market is between EUR 250-850 mio.
  • More than 200 operators informed KSA to be interested in a remote gambling license once new legislation comes into force.
  • KSA confirmed the one of the main goals of new legislation will be the reduction of gambling addiction; therefore, KSA will have a continues dialogue with stakeholders, including operators.
  • In 2017, Holland Casio will be privatised and possibly in total 16 casino licenses will be granted.
  • Most likely, a new license regime for lotteries will come into force in 2017.
  • Last but not least, KSA indicated that if operators currently act illegally, they run the risk that a request for a license under the new Remote Gambling Act will be denied.