Larger businesses are starting to acknowledge cybersecurity and data privacy issues as our personal data is connected to so many different things, from our smart phones to personal assistants in our homes.

It is important to know that these devices can also carry great risk and unintended consequences for businesses. Information is one of the most important resources a business uses, making it a priority to protect. Everything from social security numbers, HR information and tax information that a business uses can be harmful if it falls into the wrong hands. Cybercrime has become the second most reported form of economic crime.

Lastly, third party vendors are increasingly being used by businesses to perform all manner of services, but carry with them enormous risk; 63% of security breaches are caused by a third party.

In this video, Foster Swift business attorney Taylor Gast gives an introduction to these topics along with a brief take on the best practices for a business to adopt to prevent data breaches. Also stay tuned as he will cover these topics more in depth in a later video.

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