On March 3 CMS hosted a seminar on geopolitical and security risks facing the energy sector in our London offices. The seminar was part of Chambers & Partners’ GS seminar series and reflected on political and economic challenges energy companies face when entering new markets as well as on the cybersecurity threat that is much too real for strategically-important energy businesses. The talks highlighted some of the very real risks that energy companies are dealing with every day, and we are pleased to send you recordings of each of the sessions so you can watch them if you were unable to join us on the day. 

Brian Lord, Managing Director of PGI Cyber gave a presentation on cyber-security. Brian joined PGI in September 2013, after 21 years with GCHQ. Brian left GCHQ as their Deputy Director for Intelligence and Cyber Operations. Brian delivered a fascinating presentation on how ‘cyber’ has changed the world, why it is more efficient and more dangerous than any other type of industrial or political espionage and how it can be dealt with.

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