With Brexit looming, keeping abreast of immigration is now more important than ever. Sponsor compliance is also an increasing area of focus for the Home Office, with compliance teams undertaking around 5,000 spot checks a year and over £10 million in fines issued in Q1 of 2017. Have you got your house in order?

Employers with an immigration sponsor licence must ensure they have robust systems and processes in place to meet their sponsor duties. Failure to do so could result in the licence being revoked, with the ability to recruit foreign nationals being lost.

Holding periodic reviews of the licence is key to ensuring that any issues or process failures are identified and addressed at the earliest opportunity.

How can we help?

We are increasingly being asked by clients to support on immigration compliance by:

● undertaking mock audits to ensure compliance with sponsor licence duties and record-keeping obligations

● ensuring right to work checks meet the most up-to-date Home Office rules and guidance

● running case-study based training workshops on conducting right to work checks and

● briefing key personnel – including Authorising Officers – on the features of the sponsorship system and their responsibilities.