Following the Government’s announcement in June this year1, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has now launched a consultation on the draft regulations, the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Directors’ Reports)Regulations 2013, which will require quoted companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions in the directors’ report. Among other things, the draft regulations provide that the directors’ report must include details of the company’s yearly amount of carbon dioxide emissions resulting directly from any of the statutorily specified activities of the company, including the use by the company of any means of transport that it owns or controls. It is currently proposed that the draft regulations will apply for reporting years ending after 6 April 2013, although the Government is also consulting on whether their implementation should be deferred until reporting years ending after 1 October 2013. Comments on the consultations are requested by 17 October 2012.

Consultation paper: Greenhouse gas emissions reporting draft regulations for quoted companies: July 2012: available at: