On December 15 the Ohio Department of Development’s Office of Insurance and Financial Development unveiled a Strategic Plan for the state’s insurance industry. This “optimistic and forward-looking Plan” focuses on enhancing the business climate for Ohio’s insurance industry and developing innovative ways to retain and create insurance industry jobs for Ohioans. The development of this Plan was a collaborative effort involving industry experts from across the state, which included the Ohio Department of Insurance, the Ohio Department of Development and the Ohio Board of Regents, and the private sector. The following five goals serve as the Plan’s foundation.

(1) Share the Ohio Story: Market Ohio’s strengths to domestic and foreign insurance companies.

(2) Strengthen our Strengths: Enhance the attractiveness of Ohio’s insurance business climate.

(3) Cultivte Top Talent: Attract and retain insurance industry talent while promoting employment opportunities in the industry.

(4) Invest in Our Regional Assets: Invigorate our regions as centers for insurance company expansion.

(5) Focus on our Customers: Operate government at the speed of business.

In addition to the specific goals, the Plan also outlines the strategies, initiatives and performance targets to be utilized in implementing the plan. Initiatives in the Plan include:

  • Positioning Ohio as an attractive location for insurance call, data, and services centers;
  • Guaranteeing that insurance companies have reliable access to a highly skilled and competitive workforce;
  • Building a “comprehensive, demand-based Ohio Insurance Education Curriculum”; and
  • Providing a single point of contact for insurance related business and workforce development issues, site selection and link to appropriate state resources.

In conjunction with the implementation of this Strategic Plan, the Office of Insurance and Financial Development also has created a powerful new job seeker tool – specifically targeted for those in the insurance industry. OhioMeansInsuranceJobs.com allows job seekers to search for insurance job opportunities, while at the same time giving employers the opportunity to look for Ohio-based talent, post job opportunities, and integrate employment and internship events into a single point of contact. This new website builds on the Department of Development’s OhioMeansJobs.com website, which is a comprehensive listing of job opportunities available in a variety of industries across Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Development’s Office of Insurance and Financial Development is the state’s lead unit for the development and implementation of strategies, initiatives and programs designed to retain and create insurance and financial services jobs in Ohio. This office cultivates cooperative relationships among businesses, educators and the state to collaborate on tactics and to encourage the growth of the insurance industry in Ohio.

More details about this Office and the state’s economic development efforts in this area can be found at: http://www.development.ohio.gov/OfficeInsuranceFinancialDevelopment/