CCI by its order dated May 12, 2015 held that DLF Group abused its dominant position in the Gurgaon apartment buyers market by imposing abuse terms and unfair terms and conditions. CCI directed DLF and its group companies to cease and desist from indulging in such abusive and unfair conduct. 

The relevant market in the present case was considered as the market for “the provision of services for development/sale of residential apartments in Gurgaon” Largely relying of its earlier decisions against DLF, the CCI held that the DLF group enjoys a dominant position in the market in the present case.

The CCI then held that DLF group abused its dominant position imposing unfair terms such as increase in the number of floors beyond the number intimated to buyer, unfair cancellation policy and forfeiture of booking amount, unfair additional demands on account of increase in super area, unfair financial pressure on buyers, unfair buyers’ agreement. 

CCI directed DLF and its group companies to cease and desist from indulging in the conduct which is found to be unfair and abusive. CCI did not find it necessary to impose fine on DLF owing to a previous penalty of INR 630 crores.