(effective July 15, 2008)

HB 106 creates new sections of KRS Chapter 433 to control theft of recyclable metals by requiring recyclers and junk dealers to keep a register identifying sellers of nonferrous metals, catalytic converters, beer kegs and railroad ties. This documentation procedure should reduce the theft of increasingly valuable metals from construction sites.

HB 534 amends KRS § 342.340 to require the Kentucky Department of Workers Claims to provide notice to a certificate holder, beneficiary or any individual provided proof of insurance, when a workers’ compensation insurance policy has lapsed, expired or has been canceled, terminated or not renewed. Thus, a contractor will be notified when its subcontractors no longer have valid workers’ compensation insurance, so long as the contractor is named as an additional insured that has been provided proof of insurance coverage by the subcontractor.

SB 100 amends various statutes to allow for items of equal quality and durability to be substituted for the items specified in state funded construction projects under certain circumstances. These “best value” substitutes must substantially conform to the contract specifications, but may result in greater cost savings to the contractor.