What does this cover?

In a recent blog, the Information Commissioner announced a significant change to its team and approach. We have listed below a selection of the key changes:

  • New Senior Management Team: The Commissioner's executive contingent (previously consisting of a Deputy Chief executive and two Deputy Commissioners) is to be replaced by a 12 strong management team marking "a move towards a more collective model of leadership at the ICO which is now a significantly bigger and more complex operation than [when the commissioner joined the ICO] in 2009".  
  • The loss of two Deputy Commissioners: David Smith (Director of Data Protection at the ICO) and Graham Smith (Director of Freedom of Information) are both leaving their positions after 25 and 14 years' respective service at the ICO.  
  • Appointment of a new Deputy Commissioner: Simon Entwisle has been appointed as the Commission's Deputy CEO and Deputy Commissioner, effective as of 1 November 2015. Entwisle currently serves as the ICO's Deputy Chief Executive Officer.  
  • Advertisement for the Information Commissioner's successor: The end of June 2016 will mark 7 years' service for the Information Commissioner, at which point the Commissioner will step down. The Commissioner commented that an advertisement for his successor "will be published shortly".  
  • A better joined up ICO: The Commissioner has announced that the culmination of the changes are intended to "promote the greater shared decision making advocated by Leveson, […]. Stakeholders will still find the ICO an expert partner and our full range of information rights functions continue – but with wider involvement from other departments. Overall, the result should be a better joined up ICO".

To view the ICO blog entry, please click here.

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

None – for interest only.