On April 12 2017 the Commission for the Protection of Competition adopted a decision to conduct a retail market study.

The study will help to determine the relations between competitors on the retail market at the local, regional and national level. The study is also designed to encompass the wholesale market. The following will be of particular importance:

  • the relationships between retailers and their suppliers, in terms of determining the differences in the degree of negotiating power wielded by small and large retail chains and between those present at national, regional and local levels;
  • the suppliers' position, which can be viewed through the prism of their ability and methods used to affect the size and volume of shelf space that they can use in retail shops;
  • the rebate policy, particularly the types and amounts of rebate given, as well as rebate criteria; and
  • the influence of private brands on consumer choice.

The market study results will enable the commission to conduct an ex post assessment of the major concentrations that were carried out in the previous period.

According to the European Commission's reports, the retail sector plays a key role in the development of the European economy; thus, some EU member states continuously monitor changes in competition in the context of the retail market's development.

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