The last week has seen TCPAland hyper-focused on the big Marks decision, but the first and last name in bulk TCPA filings will always be his– Sergei Lemberg.

From 2014-2017 TCPA filings exploded and Sergei was a one-man TCPA army. Sergei filed thousands of cases at the height of the TCPA litigation explosion, pushing the envelope with new ways to find clients–including an app encouraging would-be Plaintiffs to “laugh all the way to the bank.” To date, no one has litigated more TCPA cases to conclusion than Sergei Lemberg, and although his filings are down substantially since mid last year, he continues to make his mark on the TCPA landscape with a huge volume of TCPA claims working their way through his expansive pipeline of associates.

In his long-awaited Ramble interview–found here–Sergei discusses the humble roots of his practice and how he built on the ashes of failure to build an empire. As Sergei explains matters it comes down to one word– Faith.

“Plaintiff’s work is a faith-based exercise.”

Sergei Lemberg on the Ramble. 8/20/18 record date.

Sergei explains how he turned around a series of failures into a platform for ultimate success.

“Its important to believe you’re going to win, even if you’re temporarily losing. At the end of the day either you believe that you are going to succeed or not. And in the end, I decided I wanted to believe.”

Sergei Lemberg on the Ramble. 8/20/18 record date.

While the background of Sergei’s practice is interesting, the bulk of the interview is focused on the big Marks case. Sergei explains his take on the decision and why he thinks the Ninth Circuit got it just right.

Before we get to the interview, the Baron leads the team on a deep-dive analysis of the Marks decision that you will not want to miss.

And, just for fun– Sergei loves eating pickles as he explains in the interview, for some reason. He is actually an amateur pickle maker, a hobby his wife finds questionable. Notably, Morgan & Morgan’s Tav Gomez hates pickles and squeals audibly at the sight of them. If you’re looking for some tie in to the TCPA here, there really isn’t one. This is just a weird coincidence proving, once and for all, that we’re not in the Matrix. (BTW– I’m not suggesting you send jars and jars of pickles to Tav Gomez at Morgan & Morgan’s Tampa Office.)