The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published new guidance on Salmonella-contaminated food for animals. Titled “Compliance Policy Guide Sec. 690.800 Salmonella in Food for Animals” (CPG), the guidance finalizes the draft CPG that was announced in August 2010 and includes the following changes: (i) the title has changed from “Salmonella in Animal Feed” to “Salmonella in Food for Animals” to clarify that it covers all animal food, including pet food and animal feed, and (ii) the term “direct human contact animal feed” has been replaced with the term “pet food” and includes treats and chews. FDA has also announced (i) the removal of 21 CFR 500.35 “Animal feeds contaminated with Salmonella microorganisms,” and (ii) the withdrawal of “Compliance Policy Guide Sec. 690.700 Salmonella Contamination of Dry Dog Food.” See Federal Register, July 16, 2013.