The Canadian Securities Administrators today announced the adoption of changes to National Policy 11-201 Delivery of Documents by Electronic Means. The revised policy clarifies that, subject to electronic commerce and other legislation, delivery requirements of securities legislation can generally be satisfied through electronic delivery if:

  • the receipt of the document has notice of electronic delivery and easy access to the document being delivered;
  • the document received is the same as the document delivered; and
  • the deliverer has evidence of delivery.  

The Policy provides further guidance on how each of these elements can be satisfied. While express consent is not required for effective delivery under the Policy, CSA staff clarify that express consent may assist in achieving the key components identified above and note that it may still be required under electronic commerce legislation.

The Policy has been amended to reflect various developments that have taken place since it was first implemented in 2000. These include changes to e-commerce and corporate legislation, the introduction of legislation governing electronic transactions and protection of personal information and the general proliferation of electronic communications. The amendments, published in draft form in April, are intended to simplify guidance on the form and substance of securityholder consents, reduce technology-related references that may become obsolete and alert stakeholders to other legislation addressing the electronic delivery of documents. As the CSA does not consider its revisions to the proposed amendments to be material, no comment period will be provided and the amendments come into effect today.