The National Center for Health Inspection and Supervision of NHFPC recently issued Methods of Field Monitoring for Disinfection Products for public comments.

This is the first field monitoring standard for disinfection products I and disinfection products II1 (including wipes and sanitary wipes) produced in China. This standard defines certain terms and outlines basic requirements, requirements for testing items, testing methods, and management requirements.

Methods of Field Monitoring for Disinfection Products allows government officials to field monitor the in‐house quality control/testing procedures of disinfectant companies. If a company passes the field monitoring program, it would be allowed to self‐monitor.

This standard stipulates that disinfection products will be field monitored no less than twice a year. During field monitoring, the government inspector will monitor the company’s in‐ house quality control processes (including test equipment) to verify the quality of the produced disinfectant products. If the quality control procedures are found non‐compliant, corrective measures will be requested immediately.

For the companies that qualify, this scenario will be more efficient and cost‐saving than sending samples to eligible laboratories for analysis.