UK’s competition regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on September 14, 2015, sentenced Mr. Nigel Snee, the former Managing Director of Franklin Hodge Industries, for 6 months imprisonment, who pleaded guilty to the cartel offence in January 2014, followed by his offences of dishonestly agreeing with others to fix prices, dividing up customers and rig bids between 2005 and 2012 in respect of the supply in the UK of “galvanised steel tanks” for water storage. The sentencing hearing followed a criminal cartel investigation by the CMA. Mr Snee cooperated with the investigation and, after pleading guilty to the cartel offence in January 2014, was a witness for the CMA at the subsequent trial of two further individuals, who were acquitted in June 2015.

Taking into account Mr .Snee’s early guilty plea, his personal mitigation and the extent of his voluntary cooperation as a witness, the Judge reduced his sentence by the “higher end” discount of 75%, and concluded that it was appropriate in the circumstances of this case for the resulting 6 month sentence to be suspended.