The American Institute of Architects issued a press release this week touting a custom set of contract documents it has worked out with the Kentucky Department of Education.  Ten AIA contract forms have been customized for the state department.  This could become a new battleground in the document wars between the AIA and ConsensusDocs, another major construction industry document group representing a coalition of more than 40 industry associations.

The AIA has historically garnered the lion’s share of construction contract forms, and retains a lead over all major competitors.  Of all the other competitors, ConsensusDocs seems best poised to challenge the AIA, but it has been an uphill battle.  The announcement of customized forms for the agency of one particular state represents a new venture and a new opportunity.  It remains to be seen whether ConsensusDocs or other industry document groups will make similar efforts to connect directly with large customers – or prospective customers – of their documents, via customized forms.