The Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is completing a modernization initiative, the Charities IT Modernization Project (CHAMP), which will provide the charitable sector with online services through the CRA’s My Business Account service.

The CRA has nearly completed development of these services, which it says will launch in June 2019, and is ready to receive sector feedback about the online T3010 Registered Charity Information Return (T3010).

The CRA is looking for representatives from the sector to try its prototype of the online T3010.

Testing will be conducted in October of 2018, in 2-2.5 hour morning or afternoon sessions which will be held at CRA locations in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

The CRA is looking for representatives in the following categories:

  1. Newly registered charities new to completing T3010s;
  2. Small charities (generally with annual revenue of less than $100,000);
  3. Medium to large charities;
  4. Charity representatives such as accountants or lawyers who complete CRA forms on behalf of their charitable clients; and
  5. Foundations or their representatives that also complete a T2081 Excess Corporate Holdings Worksheet for Private Foundations in conjunction with their T3010.

If you are interested in participating in this CRA initiative or if you have any questions about it, you may contact the CRA at or by phone at 613-670-9623.