China’s number of trademark applications ranking first in the world for many years in a row

Since the implementation of the national intellectual property strategy in 2008, China’s number of valid trademarks registrations reached 17.18 million by this July, with an average of one registered trademark per 6 market entities. The number of China’s trademark applications has ranked first in the world for many consecutive years. China has successively achieved major breakthrough in the number (1 million) of invention patent applications and the number (1 million) of valid domestic invention patents.

In 2017, the number of trademark applications in China reached 5.748 million, marking a year-on-year increase of 55.7%. In the first seven months of 2018, the number of trademark registration applications reached 4,180,300, marking an increase of 49.05% over the same period of last year. China's contribution to global trademark increments exceeded 80%.

Since the start of trademark registration facilitation reform in 2017, the domestic trademark review period has been shortened from 9 months to 7 months. The review period for international registration application through the Madrid system with China as destination has also been shortened simultaneously. The efficiency of the trademark approval for both Chinese and foreign applicants is further improved as a result.

The Global Innovation Index, published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, shows that China’s ranking has moved up by 12 in the past five years. Among the top 100 most valuable brands in the world, China's top brands have increased from one in 2012 to 13 in 2017, with the brand value increased by 937%.

By the end of July 2018, China had registered 4,453 geographical indications, 15 times before the implementation of the national intellectual property strategy.

SIPO renamed to CNIPA

Notice on the official adoption of the new English translation of the State Intellectual Property Office.

To all departments of the bureau, all departments of the patent office, all units directly under the bureau, and various social groups, In accordance with the Notice on Circular of the English Translations for Organs of the State Council, the new official English translation: "National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC", or "China National Intellectual Property Administration" will be adopted from August 28, 2018. It is officially referred to as “CNIPA” and is pronounced letter by letter as C, N, I, P, A.

All departments are required to implement the notice, and to timely change the domain names of government websites, names of newspapers and official WeChat account names in accordance with the new English name. And important matters in name changing shall be submitted for approval according to procedures.

The notice is hereby given.

China National Intellectual Property Administration August 28, 2018