Next Wednesday, the Chancellor will give his pre Budget Report and this will be followed by the issue of a draft Finance Bill. Sounds like a real Budget to me - and I dare say we will be blessed with 500 pages of explanatory press releases. This might encourage me to issue a special Budget Bulletin - we shall see.

I expect we will get more details about the new charges on £2 million residential properties, and maybe final clarification over the outstanding issues on the Statutory Residence Test. There will probably be one or two other things as well.

I doubt whether anything will really change. The Chancellor needs more money. But he cannot get it from the lower paid - obviously. He cannot get more from the rich (there are not enough of them and anyway even HMRC agree that he is beyond the scale on the Laffer curve to get more money: the only way to raise more money from the rich is to reduce taxes - but he cannot do that). So he has to get it from everybody else in the middle ground. But they will protest too much (and they are voters) so he cannot do that either. So if in reality, he cannot get any more money, all he can do is to bash the rich and pretend it will do some good.