On September 1, 2011, the minimum wage in Alberta will be increased from $8.80 per hour to $9.40 per hour for most employees. The 60 cent jump is the first increase since April 2009. The minimum hourly wage for employees serving liquor as part of their regular job will be at a lower rate of $9.05 per hour. Other changes that will become effective on September 1, 2011, include the following:

  • The weekly minimum wage for many salespersons, licensed land agents and certain professionals will increase from $352.00 to $376.00 per week  
  • The monthly minimum wage for domestic employees who live primarily in the employer’s  

home will increase from $1,677.00 per month to $1,791.00 per month As always, certain categories of employees are exempt from the minimum wage requirement in the Alberta Employment Standards Regulation.