The final Organic Products Regulations were published with the aim of creating a comprehensive regime to bring consistency to the marketing of organic foods in Canada. The objective of the Regulations is to adopt a single Canadian standard, the “Canada Organic/Biologique Canada” logo, for organic foods based on certification by existing accreditation bodies that meet prescribed criteria. The two-fold purpose of the program is to protect domestic consumers against deceptive and misleading labelling practices, and to bring Canada’s organic products regime in line with the organic labelling requirements of its major trading partners in the United States, Japan and the European Union. The regulations require that multi-ingredient agricultural products must be composed of at least 95% organic products in order to qualify for certification, and only those products certified in accordance with the Regulations will be able to use the “Organic” logo in association with their products. Further, only certified agricultural products can be sold as “Organic” in inter-provincial or international trade.