In England and Wales developers and corporate occupiers are used to measuring floor areas from practical completion of a building by reference to the "net internal area" as defined in the RICS Code of Measuring Practice, the latest of which is the Sixth Edition of that Code. However, 2016 brings the new RICS Professional Statement for Property Measurement on offices as mandatory as part of the implementation of the new International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS). Instead of terminology that we are all familiar with such as "gross external area", "gross internal area" and "net internal area" (GEA, GIA and NIA) there is new terminology to be known as IPMS1, IPMS2 and IPMS3. One of the fundamental changes is the introduction of measuring to the "internal dominant phase" such that building floor areas will change, and consequently there will be changes to the measurement reports that are produced by the measurement surveyors in the market.