Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced the issuance of five exploratory leases for the installation of meteorological towers on the OCS off of the New Jersey and Delaware coasts. The leases were issued to (i) Bluewater Wind New Jersey Energy, LLC; (ii) Fisherman's Energy of New Jersey, LLC; (iii) Bluewater Wind Delaware, LLC; and (iv) Deepwater Wind, LLC (which received two leases). The leases authorize data-gathering activities and allow for the construction of meteorological towers on the OCS from six to 18 miles offshore to collect site-specific data. The data collected under these leases will be shared with MMS and be used to inform and support future commercial offshore wind projects, although the leases do not give the awardees rights to commercial development of those sites. These five exploratory leases were awarded pursuant to Interior's Interim Policy, established for the purpose of authorizing the installation of offshore data collection and technology testing facilities. Today's Greenwire provides additional coverage [subscription required].