This morning Digital Firefly Marketing announced that it had been hired by the CFPB to “support the online recruitment efforts for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.” Not a big story except Digital Firefly’s announcement notes it was hired to “as a partner to ramp up [the CFPB’s] hiring." This announcement is consistent with the CFPB’s recent Five Year Strategic Plan, which includes actively “recruit[ing] and retain[ing] a high-quality, diverse staff.”  Given, as well, a recent uptick in turnover at the CFPB, this news also strongly suggests that the CFPB needs help recruiting despite the weaker economy and excellent salaries when compared with other government agencies. It alternatively suggests that the CFPB may well be looking to increase its staffing levels significantly in preparation for an increase in its enforcement functions. Stay tuned to the CFPB-Lawblog for updates and analysis.