On September 16, 2014 the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Justice of  Ukraine adopted a joint Order No. 661/1541/58 to amend the Instruction on the procedure for keeping  employment records. The amendments are meant to simplify the termination procedure for labor  agreements concluded between an employee and an individual entrepreneur using employees’ labor.

It should be recalled that such agreements shall be registered or terminated with the employment  center at the place of such individual’s residence pursuant to Article 241 of the Labor Code of  Ukraine.

From now on, it will be possible to register termination of such labor agreements with any  employment centers to confirm the entries in the relevant work record books. Information about  concluded labor agreements shall be displayed in the Unified Informational and Analytical System  of the State Employment Service. Therefore, access to such information is possible at any  employment center on the territory of Ukraine. The existing regulations stipulate that such labor  agreements may be deregistered only with the employment centers they are registered with. As  things stand now, with hundreds of thousands persons displaced from the ATO zone, the procedure is  quite burdensome and sometimes impossible to implement, as some employment centers in Donetsk and  Lugansk regions do not operate. As a result, many internally displaced persons remain officially  employed. Thus their employment at a new place of residence is rather complicated.

The adopted amendments will help to simplify the employment procedure for internally displaced persons from the ATO zone.

The Order is currently being registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The document will  come The Order is currently being registered with t into effect on the day of its official publication.